What picture should I pick for the yearbook I have 2 days left!!!!

  1. diary-of-a-dear said: Left
  2. shutmattup said: #1
  3. hegotadigbick said: left deff
  4. circa99 said: 1
  5. littlepreppyme said: LEFTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  6. dreamyhearted said: Left
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  8. kennethparcelll said: I like the one on the left!
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  10. de-scarado said: first one. you look great in both tho
  11. ralcott said: Right
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  13. fortunatum said: Firsttt oneee :)
  14. changing-the-abyss said: 1st!!
  15. mlturbyfill said: Left!
  16. hannahhex said: Left <3
  17. kingtasia said: Left (Youre Pretty Btw)
  18. beypls said: left!
  19. coolpartysnack said: i think its copy written js
  20. stardazzleaward said: Left lol
  21. cominguppennylane said: Left
  22. naturallyem said: First! Both of them are really pretty but the left looks more natural:)
  23. spideysuit said: LEFT
  24. seitzonsuccess said: Left one!
  25. harpervalleypta said: The left one
  26. phoneticmeow said: Right, better lighting on your face and it makes your dimples look nicer c:
  27. stantlersquad said: FIRST
  28. 9ross said: one on the left!
  29. fivegoldencockrings said: right
  30. nintendoblood said: first one!!! v pretty
  31. thereareviibes said: i like the first one!
  32. queerpong said: i like the left one!
  33. p0uty-princess said: The first one.
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